"God is in Our Land"


Literary works in English:


Babuji’s literary works are as follows on the basis of their pivot points, under the title “I Need Deep Introspection of Atman (soul)”

Volume 1:

     God is in our land                    –           Kshetra

This work came into existence because of the experiences I had in a Siva Kshetra (Kshetra – Divine place), Thiruvannamalai.

The Moral Tablet , the global version        –           Mithra

Like a true friend (Mithra), this work instructs the readers, about the role and possibilities of the individuals in bringing World Peace. The individual who is immersed in peace and happiness transmits the same to his/her surrounding. By having more and more such individuals, the quality and extent of world peace can be extended.

Volume 2:

  • The Connoisseurs of Indian culture –       Pavithra

This work is about the holy beings who shaped the Indian religion and culture through their own exemplary life. ‘Pavithra’ means holy or pure.

  • Thus Spake India –           Hotra

Hothra means a religious ritual done before the fire. This work is a spirited religious ritual done before the fire of Truth.

  • India –           Sootra

This work holds intricate explanations and spiritual equations from the point of Indian philosophy in simple terms. Soothra means equations.

Volume 3:

  • Siva Gnana Bodham –           Sastra

This is an interpretation of a Saiva  Sasthra (Sasthra – scripture based on wisdom), Siva Gnana Bodham.

  • Siva Puranam –           Sthotra

This is an interpretation of a Saiva Sthothra (Sthothra – Devotional scripture), Siva Puranam.

  • Glimpses of Light –           Netra

This work emerged from the views of spiritual eye or perceptions. Netra means eye.

Volume 4:

  • A bon voyage –           Matra

This work is a testing scale of the divinity that exists within this layman (and within everyone). Matra means ‘a testing standard’.

  • Layman’s notches –           Astra

Astra means weapons. This work is a layman’s philosophical weapons thrown on the present system of life. The target is not the beings – but the wrong notions. As ever, the weapons come through the bow of Indian philosophy.

  • Journey of life  –           Yatra

Yatra means the journey with a destination point. Our life should also be a Yatra – a journey towards a specific destination. When we come across the milestones of right understanding, we can be sure that we are on the right way. This work deals about such right understandings of life.

Volume 5:

  • On the way –           Putra

This is about Babuji’s personal life; it is a layman’s autobiography, with the strong presence of a true Mother, dedicated to his Mother. Putra means son. Here the author acknowledges everyone’s inheritance as a son of the Universal Father (The Eternal Ever Blissful Truth) and the Divine Mother (Embodiment of Creation). It will be in accordance with the social and religious backgrounds of India. Still, the lessons that appear in this work are common to all.