"God is in Our Land"




Let me explain the purpose of this web site ‘putli.org’

The term ‘land’ in the title (‘God is in our land’) of this website represents no geographical area, but the inner space of each being. This work is written to acknowledge and to ascertain this truth.

The name PUTLI represents the following:

P – Purity

U – Unity

T – Truthfulness

L – Love

I – Introspection

To attain these qualities internally and to preserve them enthusiastically, PUTLI web site and other mediums are used. In this website, the spirituality and culture of India are discussed deeply. Still, it is not only for India. The core morals are applicable to all people, irrespective of religions, regions, beliefs and other differences. Time has already come for the world to see the entire universe as one nation. Yes, we are global citizens. Despite cultural and other deviations, we have so many things to share and sort out in common. We, the world denizens, have common problems – both internally and externally.

Who is a global citizen? Should one ignore the individuality of one’s own nation? No. Stick to your religion and culture. Love your nation with your whole heart and stand for her sanctity and traditions. But patriotism means just not killing someone somewhere in this world. We have common enemies like corruption, environmental pollution, terrorism, poverty and vulgarity. The root enemy is ignorance. The one who fights this root enemy and other common enemies is a global citizen.

Let us give a sincere try to be the global citizens –  to feel Godliness within and everywhere.

May God guide and direct all in this/His mission.


(Salutations to the Supreme Indweller)