"God is in Our Land"




In God’s creation, the real and the unreal are mingled like an object and it’s shadow. It is the unreal we often like, long and praise. Say for an example, if a man likes a girl for her beauty, pleasures and physical service – then he is after the unreal. If he loves her as a friend, as a being – then he is loving the real. Of course, the material world and it’s momentary pleasures can be sought. But, it’s not the whole life. It’s only a part – a very little part – of life. The so called pleasures of the world, often if not always, bring pain and frustration in some point of time. So there needs to be clarity as to how far one can toil for such changing shows. If we could feel our true nature, we would have that clarity. Not only that, we can discharge our actions with more efficiency and ease and without getting hurt by the results – whatever it may be. So where are we going? What is to be sought in life?

It is for these questions that India has been answering for millenniums and the answer goes to the sincere seekers. Only a sincere seeker of Truth knows the true value of the answer, which might look so trivial and simple to others.

Spiritual literature of India talk about the Truth. Upanishads are predominant among them. They have answers for the most inner and intrinsic questions. Upanishads are generally found in saakaas section of Vedhas. There are 1180 saakaas in Vedhas. So, there is a claim of 1180 Upanishads. Still the exact number of Upanishads is not known. We have around 100 Upanishads now in paper and electronic formats, which are meant for common people. Still, spiritual seers have access to some other Upanishads which are not known to common people.

The cultural literature of India originated only on the basis of the spiritual literature of India, but were lacking the freedom and spontaneity of the latter, over time. I am not going to explain all of the literature of India. It is not possible and there is no necessity to do that. There are already sufficient discourses and explanations of realized beings on this subject – for the sincere seekers. What this layman is asked to do is to give a very brief of the truth that all ‘busy’ people can understand and follow. The phrase ‘God is in our land’ here, points out the divinity that lies within everyone. This is a subject of Gnana (wisdom). Interpretation of Siva Puranam (of Maanikka Vaasagar) is a result of unparalleled Bakthi (devotion).  As per the direction of my inner voice, I hid the link of this second book and am prepared to deliver it to those who ask for it. ‘The moral tablet’ tries to sustain the divinity within and to express it out in the society. It is common to all beings across all nations. While talking about this common truth, these books enumerate the uniqueness of India which holds, rather held, the unique culture and philosophical freedom in bringing about one’s own divinity. They also contain suggestions for having the ‘ideal’ India back.

All standard religions say that we are the children of one God. Naturally, I want to see only brotherhood everywhere – across the nations. As already pointed out, the core morals prescribed in the moral tablet are applicable to all people. Time has already come for the world to see the entire universe as one nation. Despite cultural and other deviations, we have so many things to share and sort out in common. We, the world denizens, have common problems – both internally and externally, like corruption, environmental pollution, terrorism, poverty and vulgarity. The root problem is ignorance.

When I was thinking of the above with deep concern, I received clarity and strength from my master, to give a shape to my intention. I started writing on my experiences and observations and gradually posted them in this web site. The web domain carries the name ‘Putli’. It is the name of the mother of Gandhi, who gave birth to a simple yet a strong son to the world who fought the indifferences of those times stubbornly, without compromising on his originality. The name can be expanded as Purity, Unity, Truthfulness, Love and Introspection, the qualities which Gandhi held. India and the world need more such sons from PUTLI.

The role of PUTLI is to spread Purity, Unity, Truthfulness, Love and Introspection through one channel or the other. But, the actual ‘spreading’ of PUTLI happens through one’s own exemplary life.

This website doesn’t prescribe or claim anything new. It practically stands with the intension of supporting one’s own realization and of the world peace. No one is out of its periphery. Everyone has a role in it.

May God guide and direct all in our roles.