"God is in Our Land"

For Mother

For Mother



There is an ancient folk tale from India, as follows:

A sage once got pride that he was the greatest devotee of God, as he chants the name of God continuously without any break. God noticed this and wanted to teach the sage a good lesson.

God said to him, ‘Dear one, you think you are the greatest devotee of Mine. Can I show you someone whom I regard as the greatest devotee?’

The sage got surprised and went along with God to see the greatest devotee.

God showed him a family man in a small village and ordered, ‘Observe him.’

The sage stayed there and watched the family man keenly. The villager got up in the morning, chanting God’s name once. Then he got busy in mundane activities. He was taking care of his old parents, he was consoling his wife and children, he was working hard on the fields to feed his family which included cattle too. After a tiresome day of dedicated hard work , he went to bed at night chanting God’s name once.

The sage was confused and asked God, “Oh, Alimighty, this man chants Your name only twise a day, whereas I am chanting Your name all through the day. How come he can be a better devotee than me?”

God replied smilingly. “Oh, child, let me give you a small test before answering your question. Take a bowl with gingerly oil filled to its brim. Then hold the bowl on your hands and rotate My temple three times. Then come to Me. Remember, even a drop of oil should not spill out from the bowl while you are walking around.”

The sage did the same. He was so attentive at the job given by God. He circled the temple three times without any dripping of the oil, and said triumphantly to God, “Oh, the Great Savior, now please tell me the answer.”

Instead of giving the answer, God asked the sage another question. “During your circumambulation, how many times you thought of Me?” The sage had to tell the truth with his head down, “Not even once”. God smiled. The sage got the answer.

Is it not great to think of God atleast twice a day, amidst all these mundane activities of the world? The story belongs to a different era. Now the materiality had increased multi-fold and we are living in a mad world. Is it not good to think of God amidst these deluding sceneries?

The Divinity within ourselves can be aroused either through pure devotion or through Self-inquiry. In the present times, It is devotion that suits better for most of us. Devotion here means loving God for what He is, not for what He gives. We, the PUTLIans do the same. In this social media, every day we think of God and try to feel His splendor and love in various criteria. But let us not get any pride over it! And let us not forget, God will consider our devotion, only when we discharge our other duties righteously and devotedly, like the villager in the story. Let us revere our parents, let us be loyal to our spouse, let us love the nature and other beings, let us earn honestly. That is why, PUTLI emphasizes not only devotion, but also right way of living. May our devotion be filled with Purity, Unity, Truthfulness, Love, Introspection. The name PUTLI and the picture represent just the same – without any religious inclusions. The holy mountain, the meditation posture, the holy light – these are common in all religions and nations. The ‘tree’ logo is also something common to all people. Thus one can be a sincere follower of any religion and still be a PUTLIan. God will be happy to see PUTLIans not only in India but also in other nations. Let us try to spread these human morals globally, in as many languages as possible. Based on the pictorial message given atop, the groups may be formed as PUTLI HINDI, PUTLI RUSSIAN, PUTLI FRENCH and so on in various social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  and alike, with a link to this page (http://putli.org/index.php/?page_id=1521), so that the group will not be misled in future.

I place this page at the lotus feet of my mother who gave me the fire to work on the mission of PUTLI.