"God is in Our Land"

About The Author

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The above line could be seen in the footer. Here, the Author doesn’t refer to me, the physical and mental garb. The Author here refers to the Spirit. It is only the Spirit, the Inner Divinity that made this layman work on the issues that It wanted to expose to all. This layman is just an instrument in the hands of the Divinity.

If the king is not satisfied in the statue made by the sculptor, he would ask the sculptor to modify it again and again. Similarly, I too edited these works many times as per the command of the King. I had to publish ‘God is in our land’ seven times in various versions. What we have now could be the final version. If the King still wants to make it look better, this sculptor is always at His disposal. I place all the credits at the lotus feet of the King who indwells in all of us. This King is the real Author. It is this Author who gives us ideas; it is this Author who gives us the strength to convert ideas into some shapes; it is this Author who gives values to the shapes.

All the credits go to the King Author, if there is any blemish that goes to this sculptor. And the King will not leave any blemish unattended…


(Salutations to the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Indweller)