"God is in Our Land"



These works are common to all people irrespective of caste, culture, region and religion. They deal with the existence of the Self – which is, of course, common to all. They are from the sages of India and are meant for everyone. They have stories, examples and historical notes routed in India, still, their concept is common. The scriptures given here support the Adhvaitha philosophy. Those who are serious about Self-Realisation can take them all. If they read even any one of them attentively, I am sure, they will feel lifted.


These are the biographical works of great spiritual Masters. Sri Sankaracharya was of 3rd B.C. Vallalar and Sri Ramakrishna were of 19th century. Sri Ramanar and Sri Yogananda were of 20th century. They are beyond the concepts of time and space. These chronological order do not imply any standard or measure of their spiritual glory. Their spiritual prowess is incomparable and unfathomable. We have many such eternal masters in the world. We are presenting the history of only five such Masters here. They are soul- stirring and truly inspiring.


Here we have two devotional literature. The first one was written by Adhi Sankaracharya. These hymns praise the Beauty of the Godhead as the Divine Mother. Though it is a devotional scripture, Kanchi Periyavar, who is a realised Master on the institutional-lineage of Adhi Sankaracharya had given a splendid – vast – adhvaithik blend to it in his commentaries. As the editor of this collection points out in the introductory note, we don’t have commentary for the whole scripture through the words of Kanchi Periyavar. But, what had been given itself is enough for the right understanding of the scripture.

The second scripture which is both devotional and mystical was written by Vallalar on Sivam – Vast Grace Light – God. It is said in his biography that he scripted this work over night on April 18, 1872. After observing silence for a long time, the Master outpoured this Tamil hymns out of passion and compassion. So far, no proper english translation is available for this divine scripture. Rather it seems, it might be a difficult task – if not an impossible one.