"God is in Our Land"

FAQs about Moral Tablet



You say, ‘Love your nation, BUT be a global citizen’. By using the word ‘but’, do you mean to say that loving one’s nation and being a global citizen are contradictory to each other?

They are not contradictory to each other. But presently they are meant that way. Many people think that ‘being a patriot means destroying someone somewhere in the world’. It is not so. Just to emphasise that we all have common enemies both inside and outside, and that we all need to stand together for the better of our world, without prejudices, I need to put ‘but’ in between.


What is Godliness?

 Let me repeat the explanation given in ‘God is in our land’.

All masters say that humans and other beings are divine in nature. The humans have the high potentiality to realize this fact. So, humans are expected to develop their understanding about their own divinity or Godliness. The conscience is the Godliness. It talks to each one in it’s own way, in many ways. But it never goes away from the Truth or harm anyone maliciously. The one who listens to one’s conscience is developing one’s Godliness consciously. Godliness may be triggered through one’s emotional faculties as well. Godliness fills the consciousness of the one who is thoroughly immersed deep in the devotion of God, completely ignoring one’s individual identity.

In one, the Godliness may express out as unconditional love. In yet another, it may blossom as fortitude. Simplicity is also an expression of Godliness. These all are Godly qualities. And the one who has faith in God and has experienced the truth behind one’s faith, has yet another inexplicable interpretation for ‘Godliness’ that he or she alone can comprehend. Instead of searching God elsewhere for transitory material boons, try to develop Godly qualities within yourself; one day, you yourself will become ‘God’. This moral reminds one of one’s inborn aspirations for Self/Godly realization. The ultimate goal of human life is only this.


 How to develop one’s  Godliness?

Godliness can be felt and developed in two ways. 1. Through rational yogic sciences. 2. Through emotional faculties of the heart. Of these two ways, the latter is more suitable to the present times. Even in the first way, one can not surpass and stay away from the emotional faculties of the heart. Somewhere, both the ways must meet each other. That is the point of self – realization. Yoga (the science) might take one in faster strides, while compassion (the emotion) might move one slowly towards realisation. Yoga here means the mastering of the life energy. Compassion here means the pure love of the heart towards all beings – the unconditional  and all inclusive love.

If one asks what God is, the scientist’s reply probably will be, ‘He is the eternal all-pervading blissful being’. The scientist identifies Him within, in the form of life force. If one asks ‘what God does’, the emotional man says, ‘He is just loving all and helping all in their progress’. The emotional man sees Him in the form of Love.

Life force and Love – both are inherent within everyone. It is Love that is easy to perceive and practice. That’s why, in some versions of the moral tablet, the word ‘Godliness’ is replaced by the word ‘Compassion’ or ‘Love’.


Are non-violence and kindness the same?

In a way ‘yes’. If you say, ‘there is no darkness’, it means ‘there is light’. Both these statements tell the same thing in different words. In this example, the latter is the positive way of expressing the fact.

‘Being kind’ and ‘being non-violent’ are the same. Without kindness, one can’t remain non-violent. If one chooses to be non-violent, it means one has kindness in one’s heart. Earlier, in my other writings, I expressed the second moral as ‘Never hurt living beings’. Now, I changed it positively as ‘Be kind to all beings’.

Why I brought this change is, recently in the first quarter of 2019, I happened to read about a research made by psychotherapists in California.

It goes like this: ‘ Everything in our universe is energy. When you say, ‘I don’t want war’, you are actually giving attention to war…So instead of saying, ‘I don’t want war’, say ‘I want peace’. Then your attention is on peace, you are giving your energy to peace…’

The above study made me present my second point in a positive way.


What is ‘kindness’?

Kindness is the compassion, empathy or sympathy that we show towards all living beings. First, one needs to be kind with oneself. We shouldn’t let our being hurt by the harshness of inferiority complex, humiliation, failures, insults, sensuality and ego.

But kindness need not always mean a softer approach. If a mother is a little bit harsh towards her son, or even tends to punish her son – just to make him better or to teach him something good, then it is also a kind of ‘kindness’. The rulers have to show this sort of ‘kindness’ to the people who need that. Even God does this to His near and dears, sometimes.

Kindness gets expressed physically, through the acts of charities and physical help. Kindness gets expressed mentally, through the emotions of love, encouragement and empathy. Kindness gets expressed spiritually, through the transmissions which provoke self-realization.



What is the linking thread between philosophy and practice?

Love is the linking thread between philosophy and practice. It is not only in the middle. It is in the beginning and it is in the end. And it is the only thing which accompanies the Truth, which has neither a beginning, nor an end. Simply speaking, love is eternal and is the ultimate Truth.

The philosophy about the existence is meant for the beings having six senses or more. Other living beings are far to the philosophies of the soul. They can not grasp them. But all beings in the creation can experience and express ‘love’ in one way or the other.

Thus, love is the linking thread between the philosophy and the practice.


What is love?

Love is not meant to be the expression of uncontrolled emotions. It is the orderly and unceasing expression of the noblest and the most natural quality of the soul. Inculcating love within is the role of religion, expressing love outside is the goal of culture.



How to develop the feeling of love?

Developing the feeling of love is as good as developing one’s Godliness. All true religions accept and acknowledge that God is love. Phrases like “God is love” (English), “Allahu Muhibba” (Arabic), “Anbe Sivam” (Tamil) emerged only on this context. Even the atheists can not deny ‘Love’.  Developing one’s perception of love makes one more humane and divine.

Can the quality of ‘love’ be incorporated within? Yes. If one remains humble, it is an expression love. If one sacrifices one’s health, wealth and life for a noble cause, it is very much an expression of love. If one forgives those who did wrong to one, it is also a gesture of love. If one remains in control and nullifies one’s anger, this is also an expression of love. If one comes forward to help the needy persons, it is also an act of love.  If one prays God for the wellbeing of everyone, it is also a token of love. If one meditates for realization, it is the higher expression of love, since, the one who knows the Self alone knows the true definition and application of love. Through such a person, the whole world is blessed by unconditional love.

All actions, in which ego and selfishness are missing, are the means of developing one’s love.



How can one measure the effect of this tablet?

If one feels more relaxed, more peaceful, more conscious,  more confident and more space for others, it means the tablet is working in the background. In some, these changes would be apparent; in some, it might be hard to feel any change at all. But the chewing of this tablet, will give its benefit surely – sooner or later.



What is the role of the global citizens with regard to the moral tablet? Does it have any ill effects?

We just need to take this tablet. It improves the immunity of the self, it adds peace and happiness in the world. We need to keep these morals in mind in all walks of our lives. We just need to try chewing this tablet –throughout our lives. It is not against the doctrines of any true religion or culture, hence has no ill effects.



How the social (peripheral) values will be applicable to those who do not have any family or those who do not stay in the society?

We can’t entrust the peripheral values to those for whom they do not hold any value. Those who are immersed in the Truth, do not have any periphery. For the rest, the periphery changes, from person to person.

Still, no human will come to this world without parents. This is applicable to all classes of people – theists and atheists, traditional and modern, scientific and ritual, nomads and city dwellers, religious and non-religious, monastics and family dwellers. The monastic people renounce everything including the family bondages. So they need not pay any special attention to their parents, but they adore every being including their parents. This is applicable to all those who are away from their parents for various reasons.

Similarly, if one doesn’t get married or stay away from the society, it doesn’t mean they have no limitations and responsibilities. In fact, such people have more responsibilities and limitations, and also more scope to improve their own Godliness and also that of others.

It is the way it should be.



How crimes will be decreased by these morals?

As we had seen already, we can bring the causes of violence under the following categories:

Ignorance (Being ignorant of one’s own Godliness and of the Godliness of other beings and the nature)

Egoistical faculties (like anger, selfishness, possessiveness, vengeance)

Instinctive faculties (like lust, hunger, fearfulness, emotional imbalances)

The practicing of these morals decreases all the causes of violence and other crimes. As a result, the crimes too would get reduced.



What if I refuse/fail in these morals?

We all have freedom to live our life in the way we want to live. No one can question this freedom. We can use our freedom either to free ourselves or to get caught in the drama of life. One may use one’s freedom to get fettered into the bondages of flesh. Still, it is one’s freedom. Those who want to use their freedom to free themselves would choose to take this tablet. No one can force any one to take this tablet.

After having chosen it, if one fails in one or more of these morals, it is not the end – don’t lose heart. One should not stop practicing these morals. It doesn’t matter how many times one falls or how long one remains on the ground – just stand up and keep going.



What is the effect of the moral tablet – in global sense?

The wars and the ruffles which are triggered on the basis of religions, sects and other differences will come down. The cruelty done to the humans and to the other living beings will come down. The natural resources will stay safe and the ecological erosion will not occur in greater magnitude and it will be in control. The emotional imbalances of the humans will get set right and the peace will start to prevail in the hearts of the individuals. As a result, the whole universe will be better than what it is now.


For how long one should take this tablet?

This tablet has to be chewed throughout human existence, life after lives, generation after generations, era after eras – till the end of the world.


How children would practice these morals?

On seeing their own parents and other role models. The schools and the media have remarkable roles too – by not boosting unnecessary and filth contents.


What is the strategic difference between the core and peripheral morals?

The core morals are related to one’s soul or the self. They can never go wrong. The inner core is always ‘right’. Only the mind, when it moves away from the core, manifests duality, turbulence and ‘wrong’ perceptions. On the peripheral, through the backing of one’s mind, one may see and feel negativity. When the mind is trained to see the ‘core’ in everything, even the death tastes good. So, the peripheral morals are suggested to train the mind to practice modesty and moderateness in any given situation, particularly in the closest environment, thereby ensuring the ‘right’ of the soul.



How can this moral tablet be marketed?

Morals do not need any marketing. They have nothing to do with money or marketing. All they need is truthfulness. Through those who have truthfulness in their hearts, this tablet would keep travelling and would keep multiplying. It has been happening for ages. The number needs to be increased through practice, not through preaching. The number needs to be increased through mentors not through marketing people.



Are you a mentor?

No. I am a student who functions under a universal mentor. His name is Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. I have so much to learn and realize. This is a role, an assignment entrusted to me by my Mentor.



Are these morals laws?

No, these are not laws – constitutionally. No moral can be enforced by law. They can be treated as laws only conscientiously. Accepting and practicing these morals are left to one’s own discretion.



You hadn’t included morals like truthfulness, righteousness, honesty, right way of making money. Do you think they are not required in the world?

Any moral is prescribed for only two reasons, as follows. 1. One obeys a moral which is backed up by one’s conscience. 2. One obeys a moral which is needed to the goodness of other/all beings. In the second question of this session, we had seen that Godliness is sought either conscientiously and/or emotionally. Thus, those who stick to their conscience and/or cares for the universal wellbeing, would live up to all the standards of life, like righteousness and honesty.

Thus, the answers for the questions like what is right and what is honesty, are derived in adopting the first two core morals of this moral tablet.