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The practical aspects – The peripheral morals

The practical aspects – The peripheral morals


While the core morals talk about the soul nature of the Self, the peripheral morals talk about the social nature of the Self. They talk about individual and familial codes to be practiced in the society. One may have contrasting stand in the adoption of these morals. But, to have a highly civilized society, these morals are prescribed to everyone. They too are related to one or more of the core morals in a subtle way. Anyway, ‘Adoring one’s parents’ and ‘Being loyal to one’s life partner’ are not such worse or impractical morals for the humans of any generation. So, they too are recommended strongly to all humans.

These peripheral morals are to teach one ‘moderateness’ and ‘modesty’ in life. There may be individuals who may repudiate these morals. But in general, these are the well-established and widely practiced morals in the east – at least in front of the screen! The same have to be practiced in the times to come – both in front and behind! This may not seem to have a direct reflection in the occurrences of violent activities in the society. Rather, it works silently in developing a society which shuns violence to women and elders, through respecting women and elders. It also gives one a sense of self – esteem and inner-strength. This also adds the probability of peace in the families.

The immediate and probably the enduring environment of an individual is the family environment. 99% of children in the world live with parents – with birth parents, adaptive parents, foster parents, birth parent and step parent, cohabiting birth parents or grandparents. If the children happen to see parents who are disloyal to each other and who are uncaring to their parents (grand parents), they feel affected deep in their emotions and gradually they too incline to practice the same in their future. Being a superior class, humans are supposed to practice some basic discipline in their family structure. If the discipline goes away, the morality goes away, the peace goes away and ultimately the society becomes a store of beings with filthy instincts or narrowed material ambitions.

If a parent doesn’t adore his/her parent, and wants his/her child to adore him/her, how will that be possible? If a parent is disloyal to his/her counterpart, how can a child be taught loyalty? The children learn life more through dynamic examples than by dormant lessons. Not all individuals get ideal parents and partners, and such persons may have to deal those relationships differently. But it shouldn’t be a ‘taken for granted’  sort of thing, where relationships are easily thrown away for short of expectations and on egoistical issues.

These familial morals proved to be right to the majority of the human race who want to feel peace within and outside. Some may find difficulty in the execution of these morals, but I am confident that no one would have any problem in accepting these morals as they are knitted to everyone’s conscience.

Thus, we have three core morals and two peripheral morals under the moral tablet in its practical segment.