"God is in Our Land"

The practical aspects – The core morals

The practical aspects – The core morals


Developing one’s Godliness comes as the first moral in the practical session. This simply means that one needs to be religious in practicing the fundamentals of one’s own religion, which prescribes and acknowledges the blossom of one’s own Godliness. This moral alone can solve all the issues. Practice of this moral alone can stop wars, pollution and emotional disturbances.

In addition to this, we have a few more morals to streamline the purpose of this moral tablet. They all are classified as core and peripheral morals.

The first three morals are for all humans under the sky. No one can stand away from them. They might appear simple, but when one tries to put them into practice, one might face tremendous difficulties. Just for that it is tough to follow, we can’t replace these values with easier ones. We just can’t do that. That’s why we call them the core morals.

They might be tough, still there are some people who practice them quiet easily and naturally. The last two or three generations including the present one, have been a total failure in adhering these morals. We have already started tasting the bitter consequences. The future generation will just taste more and will become prey to the selfishness of their ancestors, I mean their immediate ancestors.

To ensure longevity of the world, we the present generation of the human kind, have to stand united with ironical and   uncompromising decisiveness in following the first three core morals.

They all are inter-related. The one who values one’s Godliness would not hurt other beings or the nature. The one who chooses to be non-violent and kind, would develop one’s own Godliness and will remain friendly to the nature. The one who lives in harmony with nature, would not disturb the natural existence and purity of the fellow beings; ultimately, such a person is developing his/her own Godliness.

Either be a family man, or an all alone individual, be a theist or an atheist, everyone got to stick to these morals – not only to ensure the safety of the world but also to ensure one’s own ecological existence.