"God is in Our Land"

The philosophical aspects of Moral Tablet

The philosophical aspects


The guiding principles with regard to the understanding of one’s religion and culture are given here.

All religions exist to show one God or Godliness. Those who have faith in God, search Him everywhere for their own reasons. Those who believe their own Godliness, strive to feel and excel It better within. Even those, who say ‘There is an external God’, have to feel and develop their own Godliness in one way or the other. God is available to those who have Godliness. To know how ocean would look like, just try to get closer to it – any sort of imagination would not help you. Ultimately, the bringing out of one’s own Godliness happens to be the pivot point of all religions. Every true religion accepts this in different words and codes.

Even those who do not hold faith in ‘God’, are a part of religion, if they are concerned about feeling and exceling the godly qualities that exist within themselves.

Thus, the first philosophical truth about religion is that religions are here to develop one’s own Godliness.

When the religion is concerned about improving an individual’s soul identity, the culture is concerned about the wellbeing of all creatures and the nature. Obviously, it is those who are religious and are soul-compassionate, that derive some basic morals to be practiced by all the segments of humans, which we call ‘culture’, so that the balance and the peace of the universe is maintained. Sadly, this balance is shaking vigorously due to the selfishness and cruelty of humans and it stands as a serious threat to the whole universe.

Any ideal culture would want all its living beings to live in peace. Peace can’t be established through wars or through scientific technologies but by love.

Thus, the expression of love is the core of all cultures. This is the basic philosophy of culture.