"God is in Our Land"

Why we need Moral Tablet?

Why we need this?


The message of Yogananda, the secular and scientific Master of the 20th century, to myself and to every one…

“Each human being is unique; no two can be exactly the same. Think of yourself in this way: “My personality is the gift of God. What I am, no one else is. I shall be very proud of my divine individuality. I shall improve myself and don a personality of goodness.” If you play your part well, you are as good as the soul who plays the part of a king or a queen. And so long as you play your role well, you will be attractive and loved by all. Your part well-played is your passport to God.”

Having born as a human, every one of us has something to do for love and peace. The permanent and unending sources of these real values (love and peace) are discussed here in a tablet form.

Before prescribing this abstract tablet, I need to give a bit long introduction.

This tree like picture appearing in the specimen of the moral tablet symbolizes nature abiding life – both in inner and outer environments. Greeneries, water resources, clean sky, quality soil – these are not the only elements of nature which deserve preservation. Love, fortitude, peace, humbleness, non-violence – these qualities too are the parts of our inner nature. These qualities too are to be preserved from being contaminated. In the place of the tree, one can put one’s own religious symbol, if one feels that way. One may also prefer not to have any symbol at all on the moral tablet. We have to fight the elements that disturb the purity of our inner and outer environments through the weapons of wisdom and love. Quality moral education and Eco-friendly life will equip us with these weapons. This matter is dealt in detail in all my books. This need is to be attended throughout the duration of creation.

What the institutions can do? What the rulers can do? What the media can do? All these things had been already discussed in detail. What the individuals – the real entities in the superficial socio-economic set up – can do? This question is also discussed in my writings. I am going to analyse it again in a global sense.

The present generation, particularly of the developing nations, do not hold strong approaches in preserving the purity of the nature and the soul. The young generations are to be mended to go in the right direction – despite the influences of modern technologies and developments.

As everything goes modern, the religions too need to go modern – not only in the means of expressing their ideals – but in the ideals itself. Almost 90% of the world population believe in the existence of God or Godliness. But, they differ in the ways of worship and definitions.

Those days, we hadn’t had facilities to share our ideas and revelations among distant geographical regions – in a peaceful manner. Many wars and violence happened in the name of religions and God.

As the science had developed tremendously, the world has shrunk now. We can see the entire world through a bird’s eye view. We can see the common features of all religions that accept God or Godliness. We can simplify our faith in pragmatic terms and can give freedom to everyone in executing one’s own faith upon one common platform – world peace. When we say peace, the need of non-violence is inherent in that, as we cannot think of peace without non-violence.

Still, violence is happening all around the world, despite these impressive scientific developments, sadly on the same grounds, which stood centuries past. There are some new factors too, contributing to the violence. We can bring the factors of violence in the world under three categories. 1. Violence due to lack of religional and sectarian tolerance. 2. Environmental violence, 3. Violence due to emotional and social imbalances.

World wars  I and II were mainly triggered by communal violences. Albert Einstein commented that “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” The humans keep fighting within themselves and are prepared to perish once for all.

Developments are happening only in the life styles – not in the understanding of Godliness or universality of existence. Though the world has shrunk geographically, we stand miles apart between ourselves in accepting our common moral ideals.

People agree that God is one and the same. We all agree that God is the Manifester of the universe. We all agree that every being in His creation – including our being – is the dear child of God. The world’s top religions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism –  do not vary in the above ideals. Another major religion, Buddhism too accept Godliness, which they call Nirvana. Still, we fight within ourselves, politically, economically, socially and even fatally. The young generation needs to be taught about oneness of the human nature, about the oneness of God or Godliness, about the need for developing the godliness within.

If one doesn’t have faith in ‘God’, it doesn’t matter. Even, those 10% of the world population who do not believe in the existence of ‘God’, nevertheless cannot deny the word ‘Godliness’.

One may not have belief in the existence of ‘Evil’. But, can any one deny the existence of cruelty, hatred, jealousy and greediness? These are said to be evil in nature.

Same thing applies to Godliness as well. Godliness is a quality like compassion, forgiveness, humanity and Self-sufficiency. Godliness develops to the extent ego diminishes. Godliness can evolve in any being. If it evolves, the manmade differences would dissolve.

So, the first factor of violence can be weakened through the acceptance of one’s Godliness and through making conscious efforts in developing one’s Godliness. No one needs to change one’s religion here. Godliness can be evolved from where one stands. If this happens broadly worldwide, the violence – in its all forms, will go down.

Secondly, the environmental violence that has been happening now is an alarming and frightening one.

‘Every year, we extract an estimated 55 billion tons of fossil energy, minerals, metals and bio mass from the Earth. The world has already lost 80% of its forests and we’re continually losing them at a rate of 375 km2 per day! At the current rate of deforestation, 5-10% of tropical forest species will become extinct every decade.’

 ‘10,000 years ago, humans made up 1% of the weight of vertebrate land animals: the rest were all wild. Today, wild animals make up just 1%. The other 99% is humans, our farmed animals and our pets’,  says Mr. Vaclav Smil.

‘It took until the early 1800s for the world population to reach one billion. Now we add a billion every 12-15 years’. A UN report says this.

‘Eighty percent of marine pollution comes from land’ (It is understood, humans stand behind it), says  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce. 

We can see how selfishly and arrogantly the human race is destroying the other species and the nature. To preserve other species and the nature, ghostly magnification of the human population needs to be controlled.

Population control is to be implemented vigorously in highly populated nations. Forests, water sources, mountains, organic agriculture are to be preserved religiously. Well, this is for the rulers and we all know that they do not pay proper attention to this issue. What the individuals can do? Grow as many trees as possible. Keep your environment clean. Avoid using plastic bags. Start consuming organic foods and materials. Don’t kill animals. Have two or three kids – not more than that, the lesser the better.

While the above two factors of violence cause destruction visibly in a greater magnitude, the third factor of violence, which arises through emotional and mental disturbances, cause violence silently within families and societies. The first reason that stands behind this factor is  – the lack of right education and the enforcement of wrong education. The second reason is unemployment problem and mismanagement of time. The third reason could be the lack of sincerity and morality in the sectors which are meant to ensure justice. All these reasons are more apparent amidst the developing or under-developed nations. In the developed nations, we have additional factors such as, the easier access to lethal weapons and addictive drugs.

Vulgarity and cheap emotions are easily fed to the young generation through IT instruments and they react to them in one way or the other; either they employ themselves in self-destructive activities or in activities that result in someone’s destruction. The pity is, suicide kills more people each year than road traffic accidents in most European countries. And globally, suicide takes more lives than murder and war put together, says the WHO. The rate of homicides keeps increasing globally.

Positive thoughts and morals are to be sowed in the minds of the youth through quality education. Environmental pollution needs to be controlled with a war footing. Healthy and widespread employment opportunities are to be created and sustained to control poverty and urbanization.

The education, which doesn’t cause hatred and enmity amidst the different sects of people, which causes development of one’s Godliness, which emphasizes the preservation of the nature, which shuns the thought of violence, will control all forms of violence to a greater extent. This is the need of the hour.

An individual has really not much to do with this remedy. He/she just needs to learn to live amicably with the given environment – whatever it is.

The individual needs to check that he/she is not absurd in earning material pleasures and milestones – the individual needs to develop a sense of moderateness in the material world. This is not to make one lazy or grant ‘out of the world’ status – but to teach one stay cool amidst the changing scenarios. The individual should also need to develop a sense of modesty. This will lessen one’s arrogant mentality which may cause violence in one way or the other. These two qualities can only be cultivated through a self-exemplary society which holds lots of individuals who practice moderateness and modesty in their personal lives.

Thus, I prescribe the following moral tablet to the world denizens (to the individuals) – without any religional or sectarian codes. These morals and revelations are universally applicable by and large.


The Moral Tablet, global version

Love your nation, but be a global citizen…

Philosophical aspects of the moral tablet:

There is only one religion – “Eliciting one’s Godliness within”

There is only one culture – “Loving the living kind and the nature”

“With proper understanding, stick to your religion and culture – feel Godliness within and everywhere”


Practical aspects of the moral tablet:

Develop your Godliness

Be kind to all beings

Live in harmony with nature

Adore your parents

Be loyal to your life partner

“May all live in love and bliss”


The first three morals in the practical aspect are the core morals; the last two are the peripheral morals. I am not talking about any new way of life or belief. I am just talking about the existing similarities in all religions. Any religious human would try sincerely to practice the above morals. And the important factor which considers one’s religious face is, not the success or failure in being what one wants to be, but the continuous efforts one makes for being what one wants to be.

My personal view is, all humans under the sky, badly need the first three morals. The last two social values (those which teaches ‘modesty’ and ‘moderateness’) are based on the western culture. The east may have its own way of leading a modest and moderate familial and social life. In any case, here, I would prescribe these five morals altogether, as I feel that the world (west or east, north or south) seriously need to consider them amidst these whacky scientific developments that persistently question the basic human morals.

It doesn’t matter if one is short of expectations in any or more of the above standards of life. What matters is, whether one really wants to implement these morals in one’s personal life. If the answer is  ‘yes’, all that one needs to do is keep trying. I too had stood short of expectations in almost all the above mentioned standards in many occasions.  But, I do not give up; I will not give up. This is what gives me the courage to talk like a priest, though I am not.

If you want to see peace within and peace in the world, then keep a printed moral tablet (as given in the specimen) in the pocket of your clothing. Then keep chewing them mentally till they become a part of your living.