"God is in Our Land"

The Moral Tablet – Introduction

The Moral Tablet, Global version



Like a true friend, this work instructs the readers, about the role and possibilities of the individuals in bringing World Peace. The individual who is immersed in peace and happiness transmits the same to his/her surrounding. By having more and more such individuals, the quality and extent of world peace can be extended. How to inculcate the inner peace and to augment the world peace. The fundamental morals for that are listed here in a tablet form.

‘A tablet is a small solid round mass of medicine which you swallow’. This is the definition for a tablet, as given in the dictionary. We take tablet orally, when something goes wrong to the well-being of our existence. We too have such a tablet here for our well being. But this can not be taken orally. One has to swallow this in one’s mind. Like other tablets, this too has its own effects on one’s all around well-being. Tablet always remains small. This moral tablet too remains small.

We don’t know much about the chemistry behind the formation of the medical tablets. We rely on the knowledge and research works of the doctors and take them with or without faith. This moral tablet too has lots of experience based research works and studies behind its formation. That’s a huge volume. The users of this tablet need not get into that. It’s enough, if they take this tablet with or without faith. Why I say ‘without’ faith is, even one takes a sleeping dose ‘without’ faith, the tablet will make him sleep. Similarly, even when one chews this moral tablet in mind ‘without’ faith, these morals will do their job.

It’s a preventive medicine, and it can be carried easily in the form of a pocket card. Once in a while, have a look at this  card  and  get  reminded  of  your  greater  role and existence in the universe. And this is absolutely free – no patents, no royalties.

In the coming pages, we are going to see about the importance, guidelines, FAQs and some reviews of this tablet.