"God is in Our Land"

Formation of Putli Trust

Formation of PUTLI Trust

The spreading of the message ‘God is in our land’ is the core of this web site. I wanted to spread this in a systematic way. So, a non-profit Trust (Putli Trust) was created in 2013 to effect the dissemination of the message. A few years later, the logo for Putli, as seen above, was purchased. This tree like picture symbolizes nature abiding life – both in inner and outer environments. Greeneries, water resources, clean sky, quality soil – these are not the only elements of nature which deserve preservation. Love, fortitude, peace, humbleness, non-violence – these qualities too are the parts of our inner nature. These qualities too are to be preserved from being contaminated. We have to fight the elements that disturb the purity of our inner and outer environments through the weapons of wisdom and love. Quality moral education and Eco-friendly life will equip us with these weapons. This matter is dealt in detail in my first work ‘Need of the hour’. This need is to be attended throughout the creation. Literally, the golden leave represents the development of one’s own Godliness. Other branches represent healthy cultural values. They are rooted on the stranglehold of the conscience, God’s form of presence within everyone.