"God is in Our Land"

Commandment stone

The Commandment stone



In 2001, the free web space in the web link, mentioned in the above newspaper Ad, got cancelled. Then I decided to own a separate domain to register my writings. My mother prescribed the name ‘Putli’ to the web site. That’s how we got putli.org. In this, I added ‘God is in our land’ and ‘Thus spake India’. I talked about the basic morals to be practiced by the humans. I wanted to bring this new web site to light. It happened to be in the forms of the commandment stones. The one in the picture is the first one. It was placed in the temple premises of Sri Valeeswara, in Rama Giri, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh in the year 2003. This commandment stone held the basic five morals in three languages (Tamil, English and Telugu) and also the web site address ‘www.putli.org’. In the next couple of years, I established two more commandment stones in the temples of my locality in Tamil Nadu.