"God is in Our Land"

Author’s Preface

Author’s preface:


Let me introduce myself. This is Babuji, from a small village in Tamil Nadu, India. I am not a writer basically. But as a momentary writer, I was made to touch the basics, i.e. spirituality. The ocean of spirituality has no boundaries. It can not be measured; it may only be comprehended according to one’s level of realisation. Probably this work could be an assignment given to this layman to strengthen his own understanding about spirituality. In due course, it was allowed to be shared with all, rather it (sharing) was also a part of the assignment!

I know the differences between a realised being and a layman. The strength of communication can not be taken as the proof of self-realization. Realised man is the one who sees God within and everywhere. All others are laymen. I too am a layman.
The realised man does everything as a mere witness; the layman gets entangled in the web of his/her own actions and the reactions. The former is never moved from his origin whereas the later wavers around the course of his/her wavering mind. Laymen are classified under three heads. The one who throws all his efforts towards realising the self or God. The one who has concerns for God and for material things as well. The one who has no botheration for self realisation or God. I think, I come under the second type of laymen.  Like all laymen, I too am trying in my own phase towards realisation. Why I say this is, the readers shouldn’t think that this author could be a master. No. This is a student.

This question may arise: ‘If you are just a layman, how dare you speak about God?’ This layman hadn’t said anything new. I had said the same truth in layman’s terms. Another probable question: ‘What is the need to do so?’ It’s the will of God. If you ask me, ‘are you so close to God to read His will?’ I would say, ‘everyone is.’ If we tune ourselves with God, if we could spend time for God, He surely responds. God is approachable to all. God is the indispensible element of all. How far one bothers to know God/Self is the only varying aspect. All those who listen to their conscience are indeed in tune with God.

Many confuse conscience with common sense. The most common aspect of common sense is that it is uncommon. It is related to mind. What looks good to one’s common sense looks bad to another; what looked right at one point of time proves to be wrong in another period and place. But, the conscience is not like that. The conscience is the same to the idiot and to the learned. It’s the same to the rich and poor; it’s the same to all classes of people across all lands and at all times. Even the so called bad people do have conscience. But they don’t listen to it. There may be a bad common sense; but there can never be a bad conscience. Conscience is the voice of the Self. So, it is always right. It doesn’t need any more authentication or approval. It’s final. I just tried to execute my conscience’s order; this is how, upon being a layman, I dared to speak on God or Self.

This book has two parts. The first part deals with the message ‘God is in our land’ in spiritual perspective. This is the main aspect.

Part 2 deals with how India is related with this message, her present (20th and 21st centuries) condition and areas which need improvisation. They are extracted from my other books ‘Thus Spake India’ and ‘A bon voyage’.

This work should be read in a slow phase – one chapter a day. It needs time to digest what has been said before.

I am thankful to my uncle Sri. Sankara Moorthy, my mother’s younger brother, an engineering graduate who disregarded material life and chose bachelor’s life for the sake of the Truth. His positive critics sharpened this work.

Coming to the domain name of this web site… My mother, Smt. Saraswathi prescribed the name to this web site. Right from the beginning, my mother has been encouraging me by all means. A few interesting arguments between myself and my mother have been posted in the web site. Being an ardent devotee of our village Goddess Sri Senni Amman, my mother plays the role of a mother and also that of a divine guard. Mother has subtle influences over me, though I hadn’t talked much about it. She always deserves my utmost respect and love. Even at the times when I failed to give them, she didn’t stop her unconditional love. A mere thanks would in no way match the care and pain that my mother has been taking for me! I just don’t have anything to offer at her feet, except my love and devotion. Back to the domain name, the name my mother prescribed for the domain is PUTLI. Putli Bai is the mother of Mahatma Gandhi. I simply executed her suggestion. That’s how we got the domain name.

I can see five things in PUTLI.
‘P’ stands for Purity
‘U’ stands for Unity
‘T’ stands for Truthfulness
‘L’ stands for Love
‘I’ stands for Introspection on the true I.

When Purity is established in mind, it results in Unity of thoughts, words and actions; thoughts, words and actions remain strong and stable without any conflicts. This harmony is known as Truthfulness. When it is applied to the wellness of all, we call it Love. This love (which is based on Purity, Unity and Truthfulness) transforms one’s consciousness from limited body bound ego to the omnipresent ‘I’.

Let us work out this alchemy of self-realisation consciously through the guidance of a Master who thoroughly knows about its complications and the solutions.

It’s only through the grace of the Master, this work got a shape. The Master is right inside. It is indeed Him, the indwelling Master, who teaches the teachings of all Masters. So, on surface, He seems  to be several.  He is in all the guiding poles –concrete or abstract. I could be too young to say this; still this is the truth anyway. All the Masters say only this, ‘Find the Master within  yourself ’. The External Masters are only the personifications of the Indwelling Master,  who is none other than God Himself. He is in all. It doesn’t mean that the laymen do not need any external help. Till we are in touch with the Indwelling  Master , we need to be in touch with all of His forms – both internal and external.

The designing part was over. I will do all that I can do to make this work glow – it could be as little as a firefly or as big as the sun. As ever, the route and the result stay in the hands of the Master.

What I have here of my own to dedicate, when everything is taught and directed by the Indwelling Master who resides in all of us. Trying to recognize Him better and still better within myself till I find Him in all souls – would be the right way of dedicating this work.

If at all should be there a dedication, it is to the Indwelling Master who resides equally in all. But, He is not in need of these dedications. He doesn’t bother about praises, dedications and abuses either. He sees how far the persons try to find Him in the depth of their souls. This is the only dedication we all can render unto Him.

(Salutations to the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Indweller)