"God is in Our Land"

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Spread the news that God is in our land


I came to the conclusion that I should try my level best to take the spiritual vitality of India to the common people. This way, we can spread the news that God is in ‘our land’ – God is in everyone. I thought of many options for doing this. I thought of delivering the spiritual books from temples, I thought of donating spiritual works, I thought of placing spiritual magazines at the public gathering spots.

I enquired about the possibilities of bringing these ideas to practice. Of course, every option had some pitfalls. Through the discussions with those around myself I confirmed two points.

The first one is about the interest in spirituality. A decade or two back, those who strived for spiritual wisdom couldn’t reach the right sources for known reasons. Now, we are developed in all ways. All spiritual knowledge is available now at a stroke of a key. But, no one is prepared to strike the key. Most of us are behind something else. So, even if I give all the spiritual books of India freely at every door step, there is no guarantee that they will open the books and read them with sincerity. So, we can’t think of a door-to-door delivery business in distributing the spiritual wealth that requires sincere attention and contemplation. Still, increasing the availability of such scriptures is a positive step in the spreading of the message. We have it already in many places and formats. I decided to distribute only the key points in a nutshell.

The second thing is any moral or spiritual message can be best spread through one’s own example. It would be suitable to quote Gandhiji’s words here. He said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. The practice of love has more reach than preaching of love. The living God in India in the form of realized beings will speak up for the message – silently. This has been happening since the origin of human race. We really don’t need to struggle to prove others that God is in everyone. It’s enough if we could try to prove the divinity within ourselves. The trying is more important, the result will take care of by itself.

Feeling the news that ‘God is in our land’ is religion; it’s personal. Spreading the news that ‘God is in our land’ is a moment. Only those who had felt/are trying to feel God in their lands can do this job. Those individuals do not need to talk anything for spreading the message. Their mannerism and aroma will do the job. We need such dedicated persons in more numbers.

Those who have passion for spiritual awakening and global welfare are ‘the dedicated’ in my terms. They have to prove this by adhering to the five morals pointed out (‘The Religious Culture’) as follows:

Develop your Godliness:

All masters say that humans and other beings are divine in nature. The humans have the high potentiality to realize this fact. So, humans are expected to develop their understanding about their own divinity. This is the main purpose of a human life. How one does this may vary from person to person. One may not accept the existence of ‘God’. But no one can deny the existence of ‘Godliness’. Because, it is there within everyone – even within the one who denies the idea of ‘God’. In one, the Godliness may express out as unconditional love; in another, it may get expressed as wisdom of the Self. In yet another, it may blossom as fortitude. Simplicity is also an expression of Godliness. These all are Godly qualities. And the one who has faith in God and has experienced the truth behind one’s faith, has yet another inexplicable interpretation for ‘Godliness’ that he or she alone can comprehend. Instead of searching God elsewhere for transitory material boons, try to develop Godly qualities within yourself; one day, you yourself will become God. This moral reminds one of one’s inborn aspirations for Self/God realization. The ultimate goal of human life is only this. The message ‘God is in our land’ points/reminds this ultimate goal. This is the primary moral that aims at removing all negativities that prevail in the humanity.

Live in harmony with nature:

The aspirant should be prepared to protect the environment around him. He should encourage and use organic products. He should ensure the protection of trees. Besides, he must plant a harmless tree sapling in his home premises and should nurture it for himself as a token of acceptance of this second moral. The condition of the plant will tell him the level of his dedication in the spreading of the message. If it grows well, it means he is also growing along with the message. If the tree is dull, it means he must put extra efforts to protect the tree and his own spiritual development.

Don’t hurt living beings:

The aspirant should not cause any harm to the living beings. He should be a vegetarian, strictly speaking, to prove that he takes up the moral of non-violence in his personal life.

Revere your parents:

The aspirant shouldn’t overlook the elders, parents in particular. He must ensure that his parents are happy in the right way.

Follow the rule of one man is to one woman:

The aspirant, if he is married, should ensure that he is tied up with legal and loyal relationship with only one woman. He should restrain himself from changing woman to woman.

If our care towards universal peace needs to be true, the base thoughts that emerge within ourselves should also be true. If one has contrasting thoughts inside and poses as if he has lots of interest on universal peace, there is no use in that. It is like having all the deseases inside and still showing off as healthy.

Therefore, the dedicated people should show interest in both external welfare and internal awakening.

There are some basic requirements for being awake internally i.e spiritually. Spiritual literatures talk volumes on such requirements. Let us see five of them here. They are: Purity, Unity (Stability), Truthfulness, Love and Introspection. Purity in thoughts, Stability in purity, Truthfulness in stability, Unconditional Love as the base of truthfulness and the Self Introspection to check all of these – these qualities are required for self awakening. When the self introspection becomes biased, we need someone in tangible form to educate these qualities, to correct our errors and to guide us in the path. That someone is Guru (Spiritual Master). Guru may be of any religion; the only qualification of an ideal Guru is that he is self-realised. If one couldn’t have the Guru, he may plead God directly and pray for guidance.

Thus, through self introspection, faith in Guru and devotion to God, one can establish purity, stability, truthfulness and unconditional love in one’s heart; one can get one’s ignorance and ego destroyed; one can remain what one really is. This is the base of self awakening. Eagerness to work for world’s goodness is the path of love. Desire for self realisation is the path of wisdom. If one remains truthful to any one of the above, the other will accrue automatically.

These morals are not something new. They existed at all times of the history and still exist. Those who follow all the above morals WILLINGLY are really spreading the message of India. Through their exemplary life, they can open up a new life for many around them. This is the actual way of spreading the news that God is in our land.

India talks to the individuals. She bothers to boost up the spiritual and moral values of the individuals. If the individuals play their roles well, the all other groups will be doing well. So, India has been talking to individuals in one way or the other for time and time again.

Social reforms, material prosperity and political strength – these have been sought in India to some extent. But, the moral and spiritual values of the individuals are going down and down. Her voice to the individuals is sounding almost inaudible, due to the inappropriate policies of some individuals who have much influence over other individuals around them. They have led the nation far away from her original track. The individuals should once again come back to their own good old path.

Reminding all individuals of their ulterior nature is the purpose of this work. Whenever I talk to families, educational institutions, political parties and such other association, actually I am talking to the individuals of those groups. India wants to retain her religious culture through dedicated individuals. Of course, this is the role of India in the bringing up of the better world.

India wants everyone to recognize and celebrate their Godliness. She wants everyone to try in their own ways. ‘Catch hold of an idol or try without an idol; do actions or stay away from actions; be emotional or be discriminative; be all of these or none of these; but, keep trying in some way or the other to recognize and celebrate Godliness; keep trying to feel the divinity inside you and everywhere’. This is the message of India. The religion and culture are knit around this realization.

It also prescribes supportive morals for individuals in their part for bringing peaceful families, society, ecology – to say in a single word – a peaceful world.

Let us have ideal humans, ideal nations and a better world.

May the world denizens live in happiness.



(Salutations to the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Indweller)