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Eco-friendly life

Eco-friendly life:


Only a very few countries keep up the balance of their natural resources. Nearly thirty countries are in a great danger of losing this natural balance. India is one among them.” – I heard this news in radio a few years back (in the earlier 1990’s).


Clean water, broad sea, sweet and tender breeze,blue sky, green land, pure hearts and much… much more. We can say it is – things in their original form – not affected by any pollution. I would say Purity is another name for Nature.

Here I am not going to scrutinize the term ‘nature’. But I have got something to say for the sake of nature. Nature is our Mother. Our Mother is so patient and loving. But, we are not so.

Where ever we see… pollution, pollution. For our own improvement, we are harassing our Mother and Her children. In the names of Scientific Research, Defensive measures, Economic development, and Modern Approach, we are silently killing our Mother. I won’t say there shouldn’t be any scientific or economic growth. What I say is they should go hand in hand with nature. If any conflict arises – the credit should go to our Mother, not to others – let whatever may their benefits be.

Due to pollution in the outer environment, our inner environment also gets polluted or the vice versa. Our Mother is hurt less by the external pollution; she is hurt more by our internal pollution. We watch cheap programs in TV and Theaters, we hear to cheap music, and we go for cheap pleasures. In brief, we lose our peace and purity of mind in the name of ‘development’. Why all these filthy desires, let us live our natural life (It doesn’t mean ‘let’s go and hide in caves and forests’ – where ever we are – we should live with purity, both in internal and external environments – this is the natural life). Let us not hurt nature in any way. If you are in a situation to select one from the two – nature abiding way and anti-natural way – choose the first one without any hesitation, even when the second one gives you more benefits. Hurting the nature is not our nature. We had made it so, as we all think that it is impossible to live without causing any harm to Her. At least, let us try to minimize the amount of pollution – not only for saving the nature, but also for saving our selves. If there is no nature, there can’t be any creature.

A word to the industrialists:

The industries that cause great amount of pollution should consider the following points very seriously. 1) How can we minimize the amount of pollution to the minimum level that barely has any adverse effects on the ecology? 2) Can we find any alternative methods to the present pollution causing methods? If they couldn’t find any positive answers for the above questions, they had better change their business. Humans do not need sophistication, modernization or whatever through the methods that cause significant disorders in the nature. It’s better to live long with happiness in a simple house rather to die soon in a AC room with all sophistications and chaos.

Common individuals also have a vital role here. One should take a resolution for himself to be friendly with the environment. It is not a difficult thing. One could check the following things in his personal life. That he is not polluting the public places through the cigarette smokes, excessive vehicle smokes, spitting and removal of bodily dusts. That he is not polluting his home through unhygienic behavior. That all the dusts of his home go to the appropriate places – not to the streets and public areas. That he is not polluting the water resources. That he protects trees in and around his locality. That he is not killing any creature for fun sake or money.

When you pollute or cause something to pollute the nature, please remember that you are doing something that disturbs the virtue of your Mother. Let us love our Mother and all Her children, and let us show our love through our thoughts and actions. The administrators too have their role in keeping the environment safe. They need to protect the natural sources and should take strict actions against those who disturb the nature’s balance.