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Need of the hour

Need of the hour:


Moral education in schools:-

The saying that “he opens a school closes many prisons” will become true only when he gives the  moral education in his school. Now a days, we don’t see such schools at all or they are very less in numbers.  Today’s school, in general terms, teach everything except morality, thus opens up many more prisons in the world. The prison, here not only means the solid jails built with bricks and iron but also means the ‘self- prisons’ built with cheap emotions and selfish-narrow-mind.

Giving quality moral education, establishing ideal schools – ‘How to live schools’ as Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji mentions it, is the need of the hour. We also need to give and ensure proper environment  for these schools. In schools, we should dedicate a considerable amount of our efforts towards moral education – the real education.

A separate subject namely ‘Moral education’ or ‘True education’ should be introduced in all the schools right from Standard I to at least Standard X. The subject should have both theoretical aspects and practical aspects. Moral Examinations should be conducted separately and periodically with different pattern, wherein the character of the student is tested – not his intelligence or knowledge. Special care and counseling have to be given for those who are weak in the moral education. Some may argue that this sort of education will not have impact on all children. But, for the sake of few, we can’t ignore all. The society has the duty to give the right education to all; the children have the rights to learn the best from their ancestors. Implementing these points won’t be easy; but – it’s not an impossible task. This requires and deserves our sincere efforts. The subject should be designed in such a way that it teaches students the standard points of Indian culture with the notion of escalating the eyes of wisdom and love.

Of all the factors that influence the children’s moral, mental and physical growth – the parents take the lion’s share. But the problem is 90% (or even more) of the parents are not leading harmonious life. They themselves need education on moral, mental and physical wellbeing. So, they are not in a position to give ideal atmosphere to their children. The society knows of this shortcoming. That’s why it gives this responsibility to schools – like our ancestors gave it to Guru Kulas. The Masters in Guru Kulas had been versatile and dynamic with all strengths with the foundation on morality. But majority of the teachers today are strong in all subjects excepting moral strength. There is no wrong in being rich materially – but we also need to be rich morally to ensure the same to the children. Today’s education requires a complete upheaval – a structural change with a strong foundation of moral strength. Developing physical, intellectual and artistic skills would not promise us happiness and peace. Morality is more important than self-confidence and other strengths. Moral well being is more important than any other perspective of well being.

Schools and the rulers need not toil too much for achieving this. If they feel that they can’t afford to create a new subject for moral education, then they may use the language subject for this purpose. All schools today– whatever be the syllabus they adopt -CBSE, Matriculation, the government syllabus or any other syllabus – must teach one or more language(s). In the language subject the moral and spiritual contents can be included.  It will be of much useful to have some basic common practical lessons like pranayama and basic yoga in the language subject. The language subject can be made as the moral subject. All states across the nation and all nations around the world teach some language to teach all other subjects. Let the teaching of the language be rich in its moral and spiritual contents. Obviously, the students are expected to pass in the language subject also to get promoted to the next standard. This way moral education can be given to all students- emphatically.

We can’t say that there is no moral and spiritual content in today’s education. There is. But, it is so meager that it barely has any impact on the students’ mentality. The moral and spiritual contents are to be reasonably greater – both quantitatively and qualitatively. If this can be done, then we can look for a more peaceful and happier world.

The effect of moral education:-

The idea is everyone should be given a fair chance to find one’s true identity/soul identity. Whether he/she makes use of it or not, it’s up to that person and God. Parents don’t need to fear that their children would become sages, if they are given this sort of education. This is to strengthen the personal life of every  individual, ultimately his/her family life and social life will also get strengthened. Whatever be their position in future, it will be something full of peace, continence and inner happiness. This is what you want for your children, isn’t it?

While we try to bring the ideal education, care must also be taken to restrict wrong education. Here,different blends of multimedia have a co-operative role to play. Multimedia is closely related to young people. Young people like visuals very much and wish to imitate them. A young boy ‘ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ‘ watched the story of Raja Harichandra (an embodiment of truth) visually, and became another Harichandra of his lifetime. Another guy of the later 20th century, watched some horror movie and killed his own family members. See how intensely movies and other entertainment media affect the lives of the young people.

You characterize an ideal hero with the following features. He will be erotic; he will be having a girl friend (sometimes more than one!); he will face his enemies with his fist or pistol. The poor children try to follow these things in future. Dogs too have girl friends; they too fight with each other (but they are faithful to their boss anyway!).

The real hero is the one who pays less attention to all the emotions and throws all his efforts in controlling the inner and outer forces that stand in his way. His weapons are self-discipline, Confidence and Fortitude. Any body can blow one’s head to pieces with the help of weapons and muscles. But how many can drive away the evil by inborn fortitude and patience? Is this not something wonderful to acquire? You need not toil for the upliftment of the human race. All you need to do is not to spread vulgarity and cheap romance. If possible, tell the young people that life is something more than flesh (sex) and paper (money). If you keep telling the people about the purpose of human life, the need of universal well being, the need of preservation of nature and about the ideal family values, you are changing the times. When you do this for everyone, you will be given a lot more – not in terms of flesh and paper but in terms of things, which are more precious than that.

Thus, the educational institutions and the media are the two main key players in teaching ideal moral values to the society.