"God is in Our Land"

The Present role

The Present Role (The Recovery):


“Recovery is in practice – not in theories.”

Every individual has his own ideas. Everyone has varying views and opinions. But the course of action of every individual should go in line with the most common rules of the human race, which are…

Faith in God
Being generous to all living beings
Harmony with nature

If an individual forms his/her life in accordance with the above common rules, it means that he/she is contributing his/her part towards universal peace. It seems to be so simple to do. But, is it happening?  No.  The majority of the human race is going against the above common rules. We can see peace and happiness in the society if majority stand by these human values. The golden period of India had majority under this category. Because, the rulers of that period bothered of the following factors:

1. Quality education (education that extends beyond the levels of material knowledge and deals about soul consciousness, basic culture and discipline),
2. Proper justice (common and righteous justice) and
3. Balanced development (development that doesn’t hurt nature’s balance and the freedom of other beings). The same have to be paid attention again by the rulers to recover the nation and the world.

The Three Important factors to be considered by political leaders:

I wrote a few words on universal brotherhood and showed it to an eminent personality. It was the time when India had suffered the worst earth quake. That eventually brought the sympathy and help of the universe. Pointing to this, the person remarked that the world is going well with universal brotherhood and that it is not necessary to stress humanity which is already there. Within a few months, the United States met the worst inhuman attack. Many nations joined hands with the US and supported its mission against universal terrorism. Even before this incident, I had stressed the need for the cooperative steps to curb terrorism.

But, this alone can not be a remedy. There is no warranty that another tragedy will not come. We can analyze the situation to that of a damaged ship. The water is gushing in. We have two things to do immediately and simultaneously. 1. Patch the hole. 2. Pour out the water which was already settled in the ship. Patching the hole is the remedy. Pouring out the water is incidental to the remedy but important too. Similarly, the only remedy to rescue the universe is in the making of humans, more humans through right education, right thinking and moral living. Punishing the wrong ones is only incidental but important too.

Thus we derive two factors that require the immediate attention by the ruling persons. 1. Bringing quality living through quality education and 2. Strict actions against those who break the common laws.

The third factor that the ruler should try to achieve is balanced development – it’s like taking the stagnant ship to the desired destination. The destination varies for each nation. For one economic supremacy is the destination, for the other military strength, yet another wants to be strong in scientific developments. For India, it is always spiritual upheaval, as found by Swamy Vivekananda. This should be the center point of development for India, around which other developments might happen. The balanced development factors are to be implemented continuously to see that the ship does not slip into the ocean of uncertainty and agony again. The balanced development implies overall development with adherence to the three points said above – Faith in God, Generosity towards all beings and Harmony with nature. This is a perennial process, something the rulers have to stick to till the last day of the world.

These factors would make interesting changes in the life of the nation and the world. It is not the concern of the Government alone. Every individual has a role in it. We need to work together.

As laymen, all that we can do now is to identify the persons who are really interested in the welfare of the world and to support them whole heartedly. This we got to do.

The line of recovery:
Here, we have the line of recovery from the political point of view.

Proper education:

  • In schools, moral education should be taught as one of the qualifying subjects.
  • The basic knowledge about our culture and traditions should be taught in schools.
  • The purpose of life and the vitality of the nation should be taught to children.

Proper  justice:

  Common laws…

  • Implementation of true secularism.
  • Stringent laws to ensure environmental safety.
  • Easier access to judicial courts.
  • Quicker justice.
  • Strict adherence to court orders.

`    Proper punishment…

  • Sufficient security measures.
  • Ironic steps against terrorism.
  • Co-operative steps to curb global terrorism.
  • Strict actions against those who play in matters of religion and culture.
  • Strict rules in entertainment media in order to protect our traditions and culture.
  • Animal welfare – regulations in transporting and killing of animals and birds.
  • Conservation of Environment – holding or punishing the industries and individuals who cause imbalance to nature’s balance.

Development factors:

Ancient factors…

  • Cultural activities should flourish with originality in all parts of the nation.
  • Villages to be kept clean and cultured.
  • All the Temples should be kept clean and arrangements should be made for daily poojas.
  • Vedhic rituals should be practiced in temples for the universal peace.
  • The books on Atma Gjana should be kept in all temples of the nation.
  • Importance to Natural methods of cultivation and Manual labor.
  • Importance to Agro based industries.
  • Sincere and serious preservation of forest wealth and animals.

Modern factors…

  • Improving Information Technology
  • Development in Transportation
  • Improving Modern Security Measures
  • Keeping innovative, giant power/fuel producing plants without disturbing the ecological balance
  • Preserving natural resources and ensuring hygienic environment

We have already recognised the significance of the modern technological development and are doing somewhat reasonably well with them. But the quality of education, justice and the ancient development factors, which try to mold the character of humans still need a lot of attention.)

The nation has to be ruled by the one who knows to rule oneself. The ruler has to be morally a strong man – in and out. If we can have such humans in the parliament, state assemblies and in the public welfare offices, then we would have a brighter India with all her glories shining forth for the universe. This is not only the recovery of the nation – it is the recovery of the universe.

Since we are a democratic state, the private sector and individuals too have their roles to play voluntarily in the rescuing of our nation. These roles have been given here in a nutshell.

The role of private sector:

  • Those who are in the education industry should have curriculum which provides ample space for spiritual awareness and common human discipline.
  • Those who are in the entertainment media should avoid filthy and anti social contents.
  • Those who are in the processing industries should restrict abundant pollution and ensure environmental well being.

The role of individuals:
Those who are in India – let them be of any religion – need to adhere to the core Indian culture which is given below.

  • Develop your Godliness
  • Don’t hurt living beings
  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Revere your parents
  • Live to the rule of ‘one man is to one woman’

Though the above morals are applicable to the whole human race, the last two family morals hold special significance in the Indian culture as Indian culture always gives importance to family values. The last two are the most common family morals practiced and revered in India.

Respecting parents is something we see and practice from the times of Ramayana (even before that). Living with one woman throughout one’s life – this is also a unique identity of the Indian culture, the crown of Indian culture, we should say. Someone asked Swami Vivekananda when he was in America, “You say so much about Indian culture; in what way it is superior to our western culture?” Swamiji replies: “Excluding your mother, you see all other women as your wives. An Indian, excluding his wife, sees all other women as his mothers.” Dr. Radha Krishnan, former Indian President said, “Sita is the embodiment of Indian womanhood”. Thus, one is to one relationship between a man and a woman is the highlight of Indian culture. This is to remind one not only to have control over the sexual instinct but to check all kamas – all desires.

Sadly, both these distinguishing feature of Indian culture are in trouble now. If more and more individuals who are keen about preserving the human values are placed in private and public sector establishments, obviously, the nation and the world will face fewer problems.