"God is in Our Land"

God is in our land – A groundwork

God is in our land – A groundwork:


This kept ringing till I reached my home and even after that. “Spread the news that God is in our land”. It seemed it was meant for me – the enthusiastic special occasion followed by the waterfalls message prompted me to take more meaning to the words. It looked important to me. But I was totally blank. I am not an enlightened person. I am an ordinary man. How am I going to do this? Why should I do this? I hadn’t known how to proceed with. My health condition and confused state of mind prevented me to put any step further. It was a check mate, I couldn’t move any side! I was forced to sit in home. Then I realised that I could do nothing without giving an answer to this voice. It started ringing again. Though I hadn’t had any infra structure, I let this go on.

It will not be right, if I say I don’t know anything about God. Everyone, including those who say ‘there is no God’ has some idea or experience on God – positively or otherwise. So, I decided to give a whole-hearted try. Here, I am speaking about it with the help of our scriptures, spiritual masters and the confidence given in Thiruvannamalai.

Scriptures say that God is Omnipresent. God is not constrained to any geographical region. If someone says that God resides in only a specific region, it can’t be true. Here it is opt to quote a phrase from Isha Upanishad. “The entire universe belongs to God: He lives in every smallest bit of it.” So, the term ‘our land’ doesn’t refer to any single nation. It refers to the whole creation.

Still, as per history, India holds an important place in the realm of spirituality. What so special here?

Terms like God and salvation are highly personal. “For those who believe, there is no need for an explanation. For those who do not believe, there is no explanation”.

I planned to visit some select spiritual places in India. I thought I could do this through some tour packages offered in the tourism industry.

I once again went to Thiruvannamalai with known persons on 20th February. We visited many places and stayed inside the temple premises for the night of Shiva Rathri. This time, I had a lesson from a Tamil poem painted inside the temple premises. It said : “Your heart itself is the temple. When you win over all the culprit senses, you can see God over there.” It implies that God resides in everyone. Everyone is the land of God!

I looked confident as I was given something to start with!

After a few days, in my home, I went upstairs and laid down in the open terrace and was looking at the sky.

In the evening times, when I am free, I use to do this. I would look at the blue sky and watch it as it gets darker. A star would raise its head from the upper west side. Right on the top, we have one more star. Then I bend my head back to check the third one. It would look like a calm ocean having distant ships here and there lighting for the night. The breeze adds joy. What is God? What is our land? I carefully avoided the definitions from the surface.

Constancy. No ups and downs. No wavering. Eternity. All that is eternal is said to be God or having Godly qualities. This is the layman’s definition for God. God means deathless, endless. I am not referring materials here. Because no material is eternal including the sun and the stars. As per the scientific calculations, they all are going to vanish some day or vanished already. The eternity stands out of geographical and time boundaries. So, ‘our land’ becomes an intuitive concept which may include everything. It no more refers to a particular geographical region in our message. If it does, the message becomes biased. Now, we got ‘God’ and ‘our land’. The Eternity within ourselves. This Eternity is known as Sathya (The Truth -The Ever Existing).

When we talk about eternity, it can not be associated with any other quality or feeling of an immature human – they tend to change, hence cannot be viewed along with the all inclusive but still untouched Eternity. The eternity itself is the quality – the eternity that remained, remains and continues to remain no matter what. I confirmed this quality of God from scriptures. The other qualities of God, as given in the scriptures are: Blissful, Embodiment of Love and Wisdom, One, Pure, Beyond duality, Beyond three Gunas (three mental traits: Sathva-virtuous, Rajas-adventurous and Thamas-materialistic).

Scriptures also say that God is ever new. Though, He is constant, changeless – He is ever new. He is ever new in the sense, He is unbound by the pinnacles of time. He is above time and space – all-inclusive and still new. No two devotees see or perceive God in exactly the same manner. Still, He is one and the same to every being. Call Him in whatever name you like – He is one and the same, eternal.

This definition made me cancel my travel plans.  I decided to travel inside rather outside to find means for spreading the message ‘God is in our land’. But one thing I must tell you. Of course, it was only after visiting a sacred place, I got a message to ponder. This land – India – is so special because, here, the Constancy or God is felt as a familiar, simple Being – not as an unknown, complicated concept, far above the sky. For the majority, God is a part of life. The seeking of God has been the hereditary quality of India. India has at least one truly God realized being at any point of time. Even the people, who are not aware of this, are influenced by this nation’s characteristic. This is the special thing about India. That’s why Yoganandaji closed his physical eyes in United States with the following words: “Where the Ganga…Himalayan caves and the men dream God, I am hallowed, my body touched that sod.”