"God is in Our Land"

Preface by Stone Shih

Preface by Stone Shih:


On an important occasion in India, I met Babuji, and he came up to me and gave me a copy of his publication, which made me wonder to see that the  book had been turned into a Chinese. I saw that the name was “God is in our land,” and at that moment, I felt the divinity in Babuji beckoning to me. Back in Taiwan, I’m going to read over and over again, and I remember a book called “Conversation With God” which mentioned “God speaks to everyone, but the question is, who is listening?” I think Babuji opened his ears, and he heard God’s mission.

I like the passage in which he cancels his outward travel, decides to travel inward, and says, “People see God by their own light”.  He says, “One can not observe the reality of the light outside without the light inside. To see this inner light, the eyes of Wisdom and Love are required”. God is in our land, God is in our place.

“The human birth is such a precious thing, only then we will feel God or the self”, these words make me wake up. We spend too much time chasing the outside things, spend too little time to understand the hidden treasure inside. Buddhism has a saying: “God always help people who have great kind wishes.” Babuji is a big believer in his message and he hopes the world to be a better place. I truly believe that the whole universe will help him!

Stone Shih
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